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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Revealed yesterday!

We’ve all heard rumors that Lamborghini would be adding a roadster to the Aventador lineup, but those rumors have come true as the all new Aventador Roadster was revealed yesterday.

You would think as a convertible that it would include a folding top such as that of the 458 Italia or the flimsy umbrella like top such as the Murcielago Roadster had, but Lamborghini has decided to keep things simple, even if that does mean increasing its 0 to 60 time.. The roof of this new Aventador Roadster comes as a two-piece assembly that can be removed by hand and stored in the bonnet of the car.

We’re excited to see this new addition to the Lamborghini family and how it will shape the Aventador model for the years to come.




Video: Ferrari F12 Takes On An Airbus A320 For Charity


Very few cars in this world can match wits with the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

So when you’re left with a dearth of choices, you opt for the next best thing: an Airbus A320.

We’ve seen supercars engage aircrafts in some friendly drag strip races over the past few years. This time, the F12berlinetta took a crack at an Air Malta Airbus 320 in a race for charity.

The actual race was actually held last December 9th at the Malta international Airport with the proceeds being sent to the Paqpali Ghall-Istrina charity. Circumstances were far from ideal as a little precipitation cast some dark clouds over the venue.

But in the end, the race went ahead as planned and while the F12berlinetta was clearly no match against the Air Malta Airbus 320, the event did succeed in raising an impressive €178,820 for the Paqpali Ghall-Istrina charity.

All in the name of a good cause; the race eventually played a secondary role with the money raised for charity. But that can’t stop us from watching how it unfolded, right?


Another Beaut’ Preserved by Premier

Take a look at this 2008 Jaguar XK go from banged-up to better-than-ever!

Always Progressing…

We just wrapped up another pleasant, productive week here at Premier; returning 16 vehicles to their happy owners in the past 3 days, alone!

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